Submit a plugin

The name under which your plugin is recognized e.g. “Refund Plugin” or “Admin Order Creation Plugin”. It will be displayed alongside the Vendor name on the plugin’s page in the Sylius Store.

The current version of the submitted plugin. Beware, that the plugin needs at least one tag to be accepted!

Which Sylius version does your plugin support?

The date of the latest release of the plugin

If your plugin is paid, then provide here a price that you are willing to sell it for. Once you sell something via Sylius Store the price will be decreased by the Sylius Store fee and then sent to you. For further questions please wait for our response to your request.

An email for communication with Sylius Team regarding your plugin’s publication on Sylius Store.

The name of the organisation you keep the plugin in or the name of your company.

A link to the plugin on GitHub or GitLab (dependent on where you keep it). We will need it even if your plugin will be paid and is kept as private.

Regardless of whether your plugin is open source or paid we will need a description of what it is and what it does. Please provide us with a short explanation of the problem your plugin solves.

How do we handle paid plugins?

After submitting a paid plugin and its preliminary acceptation, you will receive an SSH key that should be added to the plugins repository.
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